Thursday, January 10, 2013

Illusion of Life

Give back my words, my pen
Yes, you who robs me off  my thoughts

Thereupon you hijack my imagination.
Why do you cloud my vision?

I know neither your cast nor your clock .
Wherefore do you bear that grimace

Contouring the journey I began
Leading to a non existence.

What have thou made of me
Leaving me crying, cribbing, dying with every passing moment.

Soon will be the ending
and those left behind will continue 'living' the illsuion of life.


  1. Lot of power ....lot of Passionate Urge Kirti.
    We are so far but yet that old warmth prevalent

  2. Dear dada,
    thanku for the kind words... yes its been a long time.. a very very long time indeed....
    hope you're doing good!
    will try to write more often, this being the only mode of conversation now.

    1. Ahhhhh atlast.... AT LONG LAST
      You know its such a great pleasure to find some one who was so close ... and then mysteriously getting lost and only to find again.
      Its a fiction but no way Fictitious ...