Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Fatal Fall…

Like the tide swells, I saw her rise again
Gathering the once withered strength, defeating her pain.
With tremendous energy, vitality and power
What zeal was it that brightened the darkest of hour.
Her radiance blinding the foes,
Nurturing the souls where happiness grows.
But was it much in vain
When she rose again.

She loved her folks too much to let them be.
Intimacy, hope and concern were her life’s key.
She encapsulated each of them in her magnificent aura
Spreading the joy, glee and fortune to them in plethora.
None that she did not touch could have her disgraced,
But who could say,
She was yet again vandalized by the ones she embraced.

It is now for aimless time to decide
If she will ever rise or crash hard like the tide.
But I know, this was her time, her fatal fall,
And her era of love, hope and cheer has been forever stalled!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Mysterious Knowings...

As mysterious as it can be.
Puzzling, twisted and always a matter of question.

What is it with trust.

Those that embrace it cannot explain
those who explain and ask to embrace,  do not know .

Oft I have thought

What is it that defines the horizon of trust
and all I get is what defies the same!
                                                                           January 21, 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Illusion of Life

Give back my words, my pen
Yes, you who robs me off  my thoughts

Thereupon you hijack my imagination.
Why do you cloud my vision?

I know neither your cast nor your clock .
Wherefore do you bear that grimace

Contouring the journey I began
Leading to a non existence.

What have thou made of me
Leaving me crying, cribbing, dying with every passing moment.

Soon will be the ending
and those left behind will continue 'living' the illsuion of life.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Would I dare speak again!

The glaring eyes, the nasty tongues
Scorning, burning, inch by inch.
Pushing aside my existence,
Devouring my pride.

Oh no no! I did not mean what was said,
Would they let me explain.
They would not give in space
When all is said and done.
Would I dare speak again
To be burnt in their looks?
I wanted to be a part of them
But they kept me aloof.

I shed not a tear,
but long for a friend
But ...stay away, stay away!!
I’ll speak not a word.
The words may offend
And you may leave too...
I’ll tread alone,
Distances far and near
Solitary I’ll stay,
And speak not again!

July 13th, 2012

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Rays Unlit...

He that hath me smile again
Filled me with glare of remorse.

Love that blew the air of life
Whispers years of eternal death.

And again the glum being
Revisits to keep alive.....

Stranger who once showed the Sun
Curtained it with a night unlit.

Faith resurrected afresh withered,
Calmness all turns turmoil.

Music of hope hath lost its keys,
Sounds now like a death knell.

Fountain of spoil I long avoided,
Upon me , its last drop befell.

Dejection sets in for relations dear,
And inoculate me with its poison sweet.

And again the glum being
Revisits to keep alive....

Friday, October 22, 2010

chand shabd.....

In khokhle alfaazon me rakha hi kya tha,
Haal-e-dil to bayaan hota nahi..

Jinhe khone ka darr na tha,
Unhi ke diye zakhm se ab bach sakte nahi.

Raahein to anginat hain,
Par manzil ka pata nahin..
Jitna bhi badhlo aage,
Yaadein magar dhundhlaati nahin.

Behne do ab in ashkon ko,
Toot jane do ye bandhan sab,

Kab tak aas lagaye karein duayaein,
Jab laut ke unhe aana hi nahin..

Monday, September 20, 2010

Aaj Fir Kuchh Gungunane Ko Jee Chaha

Aaj fir kuchh gungunane ko jee chaha,
Ghazal ek nayi fir banaane ko jee chaha.

Saaton suron ki sargam ko,
Yunhi baar baar gale lagane ko jee chaha.

Ghamon ka pinjara tod
Ek nayi udaan bharne ko jee chaha.

Sagar ki leheron sang
Kahin door beh jaane ko jee chaha.

Khushnuma hai mahaul aisa
Isme doob jane ko jee chaha.

Kahin khalal na pade ab isme,
Kuchh aisa samaa bandhne ko jee chaha,

Kya khoob hai vo,
Jiske aate hi fir ek baar muskuraane ko jee chaha

Khil si uthi hai ye zindagi
Isme ab rang naye bharne ko jee chaha

Khush hun mai is ek ehsaas se,
Ki aaj fir ek baar muhabbat ko jeene ka jee chaha!