Monday, February 15, 2010

Meeting The Stranger On A Sultry Moon Night

Shattered as I walked the empty roads aimlessly,
The Stranger held my hand a bit hesitantly.

I knew not a thing but the calm of his face,
I let him walk by my side along with my pace.

No exchange of words between us was ever made,
But he understood all that was never said.
He rebuilt the faith I had long lost,
Pulled me through the tsunami of thoughts.

Days passed and I learned to smile,
And rejoiced in his Shine Divine,
Was lost in his soul magnanimous,
As he stood there with his beam so generous.

Life became an ocean of desire
Trust and Optimism spread like wild fire

He was like the angel God sent,
To hold my hand through all the existence's bends.
Ushered me through life's tenebrous maze,
Only to bring back my Halcyon Days!