Tuesday, December 15, 2009


A day of beauty made for me....
A breath in open air rejuvinating my entity.
An ambience so pure and chaste
Scintillating heavens on earth were seen

Carnal distance, souls close

a million words our silence spoke.

Coy eyes revealing the truth
Candid were the minds of two.

In the eyes so deep,

No questions were seen.
An undaunted inclination was all

That their smile could mean.

They looked deep inside the soul,

As if it was the last glance of the adore,
In the silence their hearts spoke
Emotions were the words for both

A pious amity of this like,
Should have an end alike,

But they turned away their eyes,

With full content and delight

It wasn't the sunset but a new arise.
For their fervour had lived upto its life

BLEAK BEAM... a darker shade

Where had i reach'd...
No light, no hope,
Haunting darkness surrounded me... Was it for that day, i had dreamt
Why but me had to surrender when God's had a hand to me lent....

For those you your own deem
Were the one's to seize your beam...
Could I still be yearning????

Constantly trying to quench all their whingeing?

NO!! no more did I wish to live,

For I had had my bit..

So now in tranquility I rest,

Smirk on my face for the one's who still against destiny protest!!!


I hope you are happy,,
Seeing you with 'HER' gives me pain,, But I hope you are happy..

Never did you say those words to me,
But I hope you are happy...
You were present with me but absent all the time,
Left me in a mess to cope up with life,
But I hope you are happy....

Made all my moments... memories,still you yourself forgot them,
Made so many promises to make me smile, yet I find myself in tears all the time. WHY do we enter into such relations which are made up of totally fake impressions..
Footprints that it leaves on the heart will never wash out even though we part...

With each passing day I hide my face from the light,

Burried in my pillow make things seem all right...
Who knows what catastrophe hit my life,
I still wish things are bright on your side..
NOW time is such that life denies me happiness,