Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I hope you are happy,,
Seeing you with 'HER' gives me pain,, But I hope you are happy..

Never did you say those words to me,
But I hope you are happy...
You were present with me but absent all the time,
Left me in a mess to cope up with life,
But I hope you are happy....

Made all my moments... memories,still you yourself forgot them,
Made so many promises to make me smile, yet I find myself in tears all the time. WHY do we enter into such relations which are made up of totally fake impressions..
Footprints that it leaves on the heart will never wash out even though we part...

With each passing day I hide my face from the light,

Burried in my pillow make things seem all right...
Who knows what catastrophe hit my life,
I still wish things are bright on your side..
NOW time is such that life denies me happiness,



  1. Original :
    So beautiful, what to say,
    thought of such love makes me last through the day;
    u hv said it all in such a mysterious way,
    that sometimes i wonder, if its true or nay;

    The art of course i do admire,
    the words truly are like fire;
    the tell the story of a true desire,
    for the one who's been a victim of ire;

    I want to read some more,
    but my eyes are so sore;
    but i want to say this,
    Keep writing, miss!! :D

  2. wt else can i write nw..
    i pick up my pen bt in vain,,
    my mind refuses to toil in pain..

    all i wish is "may u be happy"

    4 i hav had my bit of happiness..
    and nw is d tym 4 suum afflictive endurance..

  3. Didnt realize you have so much pain woven inside you.!!

  4. every 1 has something sad to share.. a sad story.. and finding a way to express ur pain relieves u of a lot of discomfort!

  5. You know every story starts with 'I hope you are happy' and ends with the same.
    When you are in love, you just wish the other person to be happy always no matter you die each day you pray for him/her.
    The satisfaction that this hope gets can't be described !
    You spoke out the emotions inside through this piece !

  6. thanks girl. this truly indeed is the harsh reality of life.. love is always accompanied with pain.. but still there's immense satisfaction if u find the other person doing gud in life, if u see the person really happy!!

  7. I wish some girl had messed with me like this. 'My girl' just sat in my class and occupied my heart forever. She did not mess with me, so I only have to blame myself...

  8. hey.. thanks...

    but here...
    nothing comes before time.. pateince is the key word..
    if u get a 'forced love'.. it wud only give u pain..
    so isnt it always better to wait..till u actually find ur soulmate.. :)

    but still.. one important thing is.. courage..
    u must open up a bit.. i've read almost all of ur posts..
    i dnt knw y u still feel uneasy talking to females.. is it still considered a stigma?? well. i dnt think so..
    so pls.. go ahead and say wot u feel..

    and soon enuf u shal find the person who loves u equally and passionately~~