Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Fatal Fall…

Like the tide swells, I saw her rise again
Gathering the once withered strength, defeating her pain.
With tremendous energy, vitality and power
What zeal was it that brightened the darkest of hour.
Her radiance blinding the foes,
Nurturing the souls where happiness grows.
But was it much in vain
When she rose again.

She loved her folks too much to let them be.
Intimacy, hope and concern were her life’s key.
She encapsulated each of them in her magnificent aura
Spreading the joy, glee and fortune to them in plethora.
None that she did not touch could have her disgraced,
But who could say,
She was yet again vandalized by the ones she embraced.

It is now for aimless time to decide
If she will ever rise or crash hard like the tide.
But I know, this was her time, her fatal fall,
And her era of love, hope and cheer has been forever stalled!