Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Would I dare speak again!

The glaring eyes, the nasty tongues
Scorning, burning, inch by inch.
Pushing aside my existence,
Devouring my pride.

Oh no no! I did not mean what was said,
Would they let me explain.
They would not give in space
When all is said and done.
Would I dare speak again
To be burnt in their looks?
I wanted to be a part of them
But they kept me aloof.

I shed not a tear,
but long for a friend
But ...stay away, stay away!!
I’ll speak not a word.
The words may offend
And you may leave too...
I’ll tread alone,
Distances far and near
Solitary I’ll stay,
And speak not again!

July 13th, 2012


  1. liked this wee place with your nice poems.... wil b visitin frequently....
    Happy writing,

  2. hey sunny.. thanks for the visit and for the comment ...
    il try and write more frequently...
    btw.. send me the link to ur blog.. cudnt trace it again.. it ws amazing!