Thursday, July 29, 2010


And who has ever conquered DEATH..
The noise of silence- unbearable..

The void created- irreparable..
Memories- integral..
Souls that were once inseparable are now a world apart!

Life a mystery- unreasonable..

Journey- fractional..
Questions- unanswerable..

and who has ever evaded DEATH??

Facades of happiness- a necessity??

And Life goes on- The Reality


  1. True words...had the same experience some days ago...just didn't have the right words.

  2. hey alakh.. i know words can never explain wot it feels like..
    these things are way beyond wot logic can explain..

    this too was just an outburst!

  3. very effective usage of words..
    nyc ryt...

  4. i like that picture you have posted with this one :) cool!

  5. True . Dont try to explain everything in this universe by reasoning.Many great saints and scientists dismally failed to explain the WHY s and HOW s of life and beyond .

  6. The emotion is fairly well encapsulated. Those who have seen death evolve to realize the true significance of being alive, I have come to believe. I hope your mind eased, even if it was by the slightest bit, after penning this down.

    My regards and Best Wishes.

  7. @phutu.. love u sweetheart <3

    @dhawal..pic ke sath ka content bhi dekh leta.

  8. @dada..agreed. but then in situations like this u're forced to think..

    @sagar,....thanks :)

  9. Nice, read the poem "On Death, without Exaggeration" by Wislawa Szymborska

  10. thanks avi..

    if u cud send me the link perhaps....

  11. i cant belive it 2 day back i hav the same feeling... When i was meet with an accident... And now its again... No words for this